certificazioni ebay

Custom eBay shop graphics and listing template

Listing template

Responsive product cards, without active content and with HTTPS protocol to comply with new directives.

Shop layout

New layout of the 2018 eBay Shop, responsive and coordinated with your business graphic design.


Keyword research, shop and categories optimization, configuration of automated marketing emails.


Every project is realized Ad Hoc
according on your specific needs


Every realization will be different from
all other eBay sellers


Curated in every element of the store:
from Homepage to Product page


Designed to reflect the
Core Values of your Comany


Fast realization times
with drafts delivered in 5 days


Designed to make more pleasant
the eBay sale experience


With translations of product sheets
for international marketplaces


Cross-Browser for a perfect
usability with all apps

From the project to the sale

Simple and Quick

Activating one of our packages for your eBay store is extremely easy:

Choose the version:

Select the size that best suits your needs
by considering the features you want
for your store and buy the package.

Approve tge graphics

Analyze the drafts and suggest us any changes up
to your complete satisfaction: our goal
is to create a shop as beautiful as you imagined

Start selling

Enhance your product sheets with the new listing template: the user will be attracted to your objects
and selling on eBay will be easier!

Watch the

realization video


Our graphic packages compared

Select the size that most suits your needs:
read and compare the features in the table and if you have doubts, do not heisitate to contact us!

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    • Ad-Hoc Graphic Realization
      The listing template is designed Ad-Hoc and at the end of the works, it will be supplied in HTML format with a free tool for the creation of listings and a PDF user guide.
    • Responsive Template and Https
      The listing template will be developed according to the new 2018 eBay directives, without active content, fully responsive and in HTTPS.
    • Compatibility with Management Systems
      The listing template is compatible with all the main management systems: PrestaShop with P2e, Magento with M2e, ReadyPro, Store360, DropSheep, eDock and many more...
    • Multilingual Additional Template
      It is possible to set up the listing template for the multilingual.
      In this way, it will be possibile to insert the translated contents into special spaces in order to make the listings international.


    • Logo and Banner Shop
      We will set up and configure for you the new layout of the 2018 eBay Shop, creating a customized banner, that will be placed at the top and we will integrate your company logo in the provided space.
    • Advanced Shop Configuration
      We will set up all the new features of the 2018 eBay shop with setup, general settings check, showcase with featured products and automated mail marketing settings.
    • Certified Training Video
      "10 Best Practices for eBay"
      To completion of works, you will receive a training video lasting about 60 minutes with 10 suggestions to create a successful listing on eBay and scale the search results.
    • Keyword Research and
      Shop SEO Optimization
      We will perform a search for the most relevant and appropriate keywords to the treated products, we will define ad-hoc texts that will be placed in the appropriate eBay spaces, to favor the indexing of the store on the main search engines.
    • Certified Training Video
      "eBay International Sales"
      To completion of works, you will receive a training video lasting about 60 minutes with all the best strategies to best manage the international sales on eBay, topics such as active and passive sales and the best tools for the listings managment will be discussed.

Clicking on the order confirmation button, you will be redirected to the customer area, where you can confirm the order directly with PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. After confirming the order, you will receive the purchase invoice and an email with all the necessary information to proceed with the creation of your new shop!
modalità di svolgimento

After the order confirmation, you will receive an email with all the necessary information to start with the designing the drafts. We will prepare a graphic draft according to the indications provided and we will send you the result via email within 6 working days. We will consider together changes and adjustments until your complete satisfaction.
At the end of the works, you will receive the listing template via email in HTML format, a free tool to use for the preparation of the listings and a PDF user guide. The items of the store will be loaded directly by one of our technicians in your eBay account.

tempi di realizzazione

The realization times, considering minor changes to the graphic draft, are about 10 working days (Mon-Fri), but already after few days, the graphic drafts will be ready and will be sent you via email.

In case of particular urgencies or for custom quotes, do not hesitate to contact us.

garanzie di vendita

The graphic will be Cross-Browser, therefore compatible with all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, ecc... We will load the shop items in your eBay account, you will not have to learn HTML codes or have advanced programming skills; we will send you a short PDF user guide and a free program to use the template for the products upload.

In any case, we offer priority assistance via the ticket area for any problem.

modalità di pagamento

The amout of the chosen package is to be considered INCLUDED 22% VAT with invoice issue immediatly after the order.
Clicking on the "Order" button, you will redirected to the order confirmation by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

There are no renewal fees or rental formulas.

Altri servizi disponibili

With 9 years of experience gained on the eBay marketplaces, we can offer specific services: basic trining, advanced training, study of promotional strategies and realization of synchronized eCommerce solutions.

For more information, visit our official website futureshopping.it


What suprises always our customers is the ability to create completely customized layouts
that respond to all their needs.
Our added value is the ability to completely customize any graphic element of the shop,
to create an unique and unrepeatable tailor-made solution.

We have worked with:


Frequently Asked Questions

Which package should I choose?
If you are interested in realizung only the product card (listing template) and you do not sell abroad, the reccommended package si the smallest, "S" version.
If, on the other hand, you want to create a co-ordinate complete with Store and Listing, in addition to a Keyword optimization work, the package we recommend is the intermediate, "M" Version. If you sell your products also on foreign eBay markets, you will need a second translated template, dedicated to the marketplaces on which you will publish: in this last case, the right package for you is the most complete version, "L".
How can I place the order?
Simply click on the "order" button under the chosen package, in this way, you will be redirected to the order entry page, where you will have to enter your company data and proceed with the payment by Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Immediately after the confirmation, you will receive an invoice of the order and the list of material necessary to proceed with the realization of the graphic drafts.
Do I have to be a VAT holder?
Yes, you need to have a regular VAT number to proceed with the order.
Do I have to have an eBay store?
Yes, you need an eBay account and an active eBay store, the shop level is rather indifferent, the personalization can be activated also on the base shop.
Do I have a website or a hosting space?
No, it is not necessary. The graphic contents will be uploaded on our Web space with HTTPS security certificate and CDN network for the rapid distribution of the graphic contents, so as to optimize page loading times. If you have your own hosting, you can request (after verification) to upload the material on your Web space.