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Advertisement Template

Product sheet with unlimited images, videos and animations, to showcase your products at their best.

Shop Layout

Complete eBay™ shop graphic based on your needs or coordinated with your eCommerce platform.

Customized Pages

Creation of information pages for a complete presentation of your activity and your selling methods.


Realized Ad Hoc depending on your specific needs and requests


Totally customized and different from all of the other vendors


Attention given in every element: from the homepage to the product


Designed to reflect the colours and the core values of your company


Fast realization times with drafts delivered in 8 days


Thought in order to render more pleasant the eBay™ selling experience


With the translation of pages and product cards for international shops


Cross-Browser for a perfect navigation for all of the browsers


Simple and Quick

Using a graphic layout for your eBay™ shop is extremely easy

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Select the size most suited to your needs, based on the characteristics that you require for your shop, and purchase your package, choosing if you want to pay for it immediately in full, or in two installments

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Assess the graphic templates together with our graphic experts and suggest any changes and variations required: our aim is to deliver a turn-key shop as beautiful as you dreamed of

Start selling

Enhance your product sheets with your custom-made advertisement template:
the user will immediately be drawn to your products and selling on eBay™ will become much easier!

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Select the size that most suits your needs:
read and compare their characteristics in the table and for any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us!

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    • AdHoc created Auction Template
      template inserzione ebay
      Advertisement templates are custom design and once completed, they will be supplied in HTML format, together with a free tool for the creation of adverts and a PDF user guide.
    • Compatibility with management systems
      template inserzione ebay
      Advertisement template is compatible with all the main management systems: Turbo Lister, AstaInGriglia, Maxpho, Store360, Store360, eDock and many more...
    • Responsive graphics without active content
      template inserzione ebay
      The advertisement template will be designed in line with the new 2018 eBay directives, without active content, fully responsive and with https protocol.
    • Customizable promotional space
      template inserzione ebay
      All your adverts will include a Splash Banner that can be managed independently, to automatically add to all products: discounts, promotions and custom messages for customers.
    • Multilingual Template
      template inserzione ebay
      Advert templates can be set for multilanguage.
      In this way, it will be possible to enter translated content in appropriate fields, making adverts international.


    • AdHoc created Shop Graphics
      template inserzione ebay
      All our graphics are custom made on the basis of specific requests. We do not use ready-made templates or pre-printed interfaces.
    • Customized Shop Pages
      template inserzione ebay
      When opening an eBay shop, the user has available a number of pages for uploading activity information: Who we are, Where we are, Sales conditions, etc... These pages are a useful tool for the ranking of the shop in the main search engines.
    • Customizable Promotional Space
      template inserzione ebay
      All our shops will include a Splash Banner that can be managed independently, to automatically add: discounts, promotions and custom messages for customers.
    • Shop Slideshow/Animation
      template inserzione ebay
      It is possible to include in the shop heading an animated slide show or a scrolling banner showing the brands sold.
    • Shop SEO Optimization
      template inserzione ebay
      For the shop homepage, the custom pages and the categories/subcategories, it is possible to insert relevant keywords, therefore optimizing the ranking of the shop in the main search engines.
    • "TOP" shop homepage
      template inserzione ebay
      This is a fully customized page with main clickable categories, treated brands, promotional spaces and customizable boxes. All this, to make the eBay shop more captivating.
    • Multilingual System
      template inserzione ebay
      It is possible to set the eBay shop on a multilingual system. In this way, it will be possible to display the shop fully translated based on the location of the user (geolocation system).
    • Annual Renewal and Updates
      template inserzione ebay
      The cost of the annual renewal, starting from the year after activation, ensures that the shop is always up to date and correctly viewable on the latest browsers.
  • XL

    VAT included

    • + 1 EU Language
    • 15
    • + 1 EU Language
    • 49€ + VAT
By clicking the order confirmation icon, you will be redirected to our customer panel, where you will be able to confirm the order by paying directly using PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer, either in one single full payment or in 2 installments (first installment immediately and balance in 30 days). After the order confirmation, you will receive the purchase invoice and an automatic e-mail message with all the necessary information to proceed with the creation of your new shop!

After the order confirmation, you will receive an e-mail with all the information required to start the work. Within 8 working days, we will prepare a graphic draft based on the information received from you and will forward it to you by e-mail. We will make any required modifications and changes together, until you are fully satisfied.
At the end of the works, you will receive the advertisement template by e-mail in HTML format, a free tool for the preparation of the adverts and a PDF guide. The shop will be uploaded to your eBay account by our staff: this will not compromise any current advertisements, which will not lose their importance.

Taking into account slight changes to the graphic draft, completion times can go from 10 working days for the XS package, to 30 days for the XL version. However, the graphic drafts that we will send to you by e-mail will be ready after just a few days.

In case of particular urgency, or for customized estimates, do not hesitate to contact us.

The graphics will be of the Cross Browser type, therefore compatible with all the main navigation browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc... We will upload it to your eBay shop. You will not need to learn HTML codes or acquire any advanced programming skills. We will send you a short PDF guide and a free tool to upload the products.

We will also provide you priority support via ticket area for any issues.

The price for the selected package is inclusive of VAT at 22%. The invoice will be issued immediately after the order.
After clicking "Order", you will be redirected to the order confirmation section, where you can pay by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. The annual renewal fee, for package versions S to XL, does not include VAT and gives you access to support, updates and layout adaptations to always ensure correct display.

With 9-year experience on eBay and 12 national and international shops under our full management, we can offer a whole range of specific servicesi: basic training, advanced training, assessment of promotional strategies and realization of synchronized eCommerce solutions. For more information, visit our official website


What they say about us

What always surprises our customers is our ability to create fully customized layouts that meet all their needs.

Our added value is indeed our capability to fully customize each graphic element of the shop, to produce a custom made and unrepeatable solution.



Frequently asked questions

What package should I choose?
Packages can be split into three groups: Advertisement Template only (XS package), Shop Graphics and eBay Italy Template (package versions S to L) snd Shop Graphics and Template for International Shop (XL package). If you already have customized shop graphics and wish to improve the presentation of your products, we recommend the XS version. If you want a coordinated Shop, Pages and advertising Template platform, you can choose among the S, M and L versions. If you also sell abroad, we recommend the XL version, which includes a multilingual system with translations.
How can I order?
Simply click "Order" under the selected package. You will be redirected to the order page, where you will be asked to enter your company details, and to pay using a Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. After confirmation, you will receive the order invoice and the list of what is required for the realization of the graphic drafts.
Do I need to be VAT registered?
Yes, you need to be VAT registered.
Do I need to have an eBay shop?
Yes, you need to have an active eBay account and shop. However, the shop level is irrelevant, and customization is also possible for basic shops.
Do I need to have a website or hosting space?
No, it is not necessary